Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mini update

So I have quite a large update to do about the holidays but I'm at school without all of my pictures because I'm on a school computer so I'll just do a tiny little post for today and then update later.

I want a puppy.

Plain and simple, and I'm turning 21 in a few days and wish with all my heart that I could ask for a puppy but seeing as we live with my parents and they (mostly Greg) would kill me if I got a puppy so I'll just have to wait a little longer. We really want some cute little dog for our first dog and eventually when we have kids it'll be small and manageable and hopefully kid friendly...BUT I've decided that when I'm a little more seasoned with age I really want a Blood Hound. They are the prettiest dogs and just seem so cool...yes I know you're all probably wondering if I have ever been around a Blood Hound...well no. But we watched Best in Show the other day and they just look like the prettiest dogs and seem awesome. Who knows I'll probably change my mind.

Wow someone needs to tell Danny that he shouldn't take me to pet stores anymore...well actually I begged him to go just to hold and look at some puppies :)

I'll just do a mini update...

School ended and even though last semester was jam packed it all paid off, Danny got a 4.0 and I got a 3.93. I am so proud of us especially Danny with all of the time he put in this semester. We are currently taking a lighter load this semester because we take our graduate admissions tests to Pharmacy and Dental school this summer and want to have time to study for those. STRESSFUL!!! Oh my heck, getting ready for these tests and trying to find schools that have both Dental and Pharmacy programs, and work, and current classes it is all just so stressful. And then after all of that planning and studying and hard work we don't get in?...STOP...I have to remind myself not to think like that.

We are applying to around 10 schools each, right now we are just in the process of narrowing them down. Are top four we want to go to are 1. University of Florida (Danny's brother is doing his residency down there so it'd be fun to be close to family) 2. Virginia Commonwealth (My sister Carlie is in D.C. so we'd be close to her) 3. Washington State University and 4. UNLV dental while I would be at USN Pharmacy. The appeal of UNLV is that it's close to home and for some reason we both really like the idea of UW. So we'll see! Hopefully it all goes well and all this stress will be for nothing.

...Sorry one more thing I'm stressing over...
so in looking at all of these schools we are also comparing there costs and fees for tuitions...HOLY COW!! School is going to be so expensive I can't believe it! Some Dental schools are 80K per year!!! ....Danny gets frustrated and says that I love to dwell on future problems that I can't do anything about. Yup, it's true. Clearly.

Well I'm off to lunch with my Danny, more updates to come!