Friday, April 16, 2010


4 weeks and things have been awesome! I love having my buddy to wake up to every morning...even if it does make it hard to get to school on time. We've been doing school stuff like crazy lately, just trying to play catch up to how much time we lost with...Danny's back surgery, the wedding/honeymoon and both of our grandparents got sick at the same time and were in the hospital. Our grandparents being sick was the hardest, my grandma is still on the mend from pancreatitis and Danny's grandpa passed away the day we got back from our honeymoon from complications with lymphoma. So safe to say it's been the craziest, most unexpected semester we could have ever dreamed of!! BUT...being married has been awesome we love it!

School is almost over and we can't wait be cause the day after our last final we are getting up and driving to CHICAGO for the summer!!! Danny is going to be selling for Pinnacle security and we'll be there til mid-late august and we are so excited to go out and be on our own and explore Chicago! It's going to be our first adventure and we can't wait!'s back to OCHEM :(

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