Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cruise 2011!

We have spoiled ourselves the past month or so and it's going to be hard to get back to normal life. We decided instead of giving each other gifts for Valentine's Day we would...go on a cruise with us and 6 other couples to the Mexican Riviera and it was so wonderful. And to top that off for our anniversary we decided to spend it in Florida! (to come on the next post)

So almost all of Danny's friend married their high school sweethearts and they have all stayed really close friends and it is always so much fun when we are all together. So the fourteen of us decided to jet off to Mexico on a CRUISE! Best idea ever. We got it for a killer deal and flights for dirt cheap thanks to some of their parents working for the airline. We spent the first night in Long Beach, and went to Bubba Gump for some awesome seafood! Then we left sunday morning for the cruise!

The cruise was great! We went to Cabo and Puerta Vallerta (guaranteed I spelled that wrong) we were supposed to go to Mazatlan but they had closed that port due to violence so we got an extra day in Cabo (we were just fine with that!) Life on the ship was so relaxing compared to life at home. No work, no school and no alarm clocks. The days at sea were spent laying out (even though it got a little too windy some days) eating, gambling, playing games, karaoke and relaxing :) I'll be honest...Danny and I weren't dying over the food. Don't get me wrong it was all fine. Just not great. And we got a little too lost in the casino sometimes. Dangerous. They had some funny comedians that had shows on the ship that were always fun to go to.

The excursions!!

Ok. So I am not the type of person to go on excursions on cruises and vacations. Why? I'm lazy, want to sleep in and usually feel like they are a waste of money. But everyone really wanted to do the zip line, and we also found a really good deal on a snorkeling one so we decided to sign up for the excursions!

First Cabo-

Six of us went on the snorkeling excursion. We met up with our awesome guide who took us out into the water and showed us so many cool fish! He even dove down and got a puffer fish that we could hold. Everyone held it but me...I got too nervous. Times like this I wish I weren't so skittish and I were just more daring! Oh well I still have time to work on that. Anyways. He was awesome and when he took us back into Cabo he dropped us off at this awesome street taco stand. I actually surprised myself and decided to try some and they were amazing! The smoked marlin tacos were my favorite. Getting around wasn't too bad either thanks to Dallas learning spanish from his mission. We did some shopping and got a few gifts. After the snorkeling we just laid on the beach and it was amazing. :)

(sorry I couldn't rotate this for whatever reason)

I have alot more to post about the trip...seriously this is only have of it.

And then there is Florida.
But at this very moment I am sitting in the Orlando airport at 2:33 AM waiting for my flight and I am so tired. But I know that if I don't post what I've just done it will never get posted. Seriously. You should see how many drafts of posts I have and never post. It's ridiculous. I'd say "more to come!!" but who knows. I might not even post for 6 more months. I've hit my wall and I'm really tired. Goodnight.

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