Sunday, September 25, 2011

New York

So in August I was working and my boss Jason looked at me and said, "Would you like to go to New York."

I thought he was just asking a random question. But I found out that Walgreens just purchased New York pharmacy chain...Duane Reade. And the company was sending out pharmacists and technicians to train their employees on our software and workflow. He submitted me as an applicant to our district manager and within an hour I found out I as going to New York for 11 days!!!!!

I was ecstatic.

So Sept 3-14 I was in New York. I went with another technician from my store but we worked opposite hours so it felt like I was there essentially by myself. And those of you who know me know that I am VERY skiddish and nervous in big cities. Thankfully the first weekend my sister came up and met me and stayed with me for the first three days and helped me get more comfortable. But the coolest thing we did was the first day I got there...we went to the US Open of tennis!! It was so cool. Everyone there was so proper. It was like Ralph Lauren exploded. So we made it for a little of the womens match. But then we watch the number one player in the world. This little gem... Djokovic.

The open was so cool. Everyone was so quite while the game was going on and it was so intense. I loved it.

Carlie and I had a blast that weekend. NYC is so crowded it's overwhelming but then we went to Soho and Greenwich village and those were amazing. Seriously so many restaurants I couldn't even choose where to go!

One night we went out with some of her friends to a taco place called Tacombi. Amazing. The closest thing I've had to street tacos in Mexico since we were there. There was a VW bus in the middle of the restaurant where you picked up your order. I got a pork and pineapple taco. To die for.

Here is where you wash your hands.

OMG. I came across this little guy while wondering William Sonoma. And I am obsessed with it! I originally bought it with my nephew in mind. We had a superhero bday party for Kohen's third birthday when we got back and I knew these would be just right.

I was there when Fashion Week started. In NYC they kick it off with Fashion's Night Out. It was incredible! Basically what happens is every store in Manhattan has an event and the proceeds from purchasing certain products goes towards the NYC aids foundation. Basically anyone who is anyone in entertainment, fashion and music is there. I searched out all of the events and saw that Leighton Meester was performing at Tiffanys and I knew I wanted to go and see her. Walking down 5th ave. during FNO was surreal. Seriously the energy was insane. Everyone is dressed up and excited and dancing and shopping. It was so much fun! So I got to Tiffanys early because I wasn't sure about how all of this would work, but you don't have to pay you just have to get there before they quit letting people in. So I got to wonder that amazing store for two hours and I was on cloud nine. I could look at diamonds and jewelry all day long. It was a very dangerous place to be and want to shop...I did a little damage :) they had drinks and cute little disco ball cake pops and even glitter macaroons and they were delicious! Then Leighton came on and sang with Check in the Dark. Highly recommend. They were awesome. Most of the songs she has released are very teen bop dance songs. Not with these guys, it was a lot more folksy and toned down. They are coming out with a CD together and I'm very excited! FNO was awesome and I'm so glad I went. I can't believe I almost didn't go! I was nervous to go to something like that by myself but it was amazing!

So...I ate my way through NY. And I discovered the Black and White cookie. I had never heard of it I don't watch Seinfeld...I guess there is an entire episode about it. I ate these little guys nearly everyday. (Jeans are a tight squeeze now :)) It was worth it. I ate giant pizza for a dollar a slice every night, fell in love with Shake Shack and still salivate when I think about their burgers and it was all delicious!

So then the second weekend I was there Carlie came back and my Mom came out! It was so fun to have her there and I was so happy. We shopped and hung out and played and...went to Wicked. Are you kidding me? Best thing ever. We had such a blast and I was so happy they came to visit me :)

It was so crazy being there on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. The city was so quiet. The security was wild. There were army men with huge guns at some of the subway entrances and they would personally check every single car going into the city. Even shuttles from the airport. Full on checks including kicking tires and opening the back to each car. It was surreal. So many police men and army around all of the time. It made me feel safe and happy that they were taking so many precautions.

This trip was so cool for me. I enjoyed it so much. Even though it sounds like I played a lot I worked way more. I worked everyday for 8 hours minus two days off but I made the most of the days and hours that I wasn't working and I'm so glad that I did. But I will say it was the longest I've ever been away from Dan and I got really sad. When I got home it was so great to see him...but he left 8 hours later to go to Florida for his interview...which went really well :) It was an amazing trip but I'm so glad to be home.

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