Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thanksgiving, Mexico and Christmas

I should be studying, so I'll keep this short. This past quarter was my second and Danny's first. It was really exciting, in October we both received our white coats. All first years at Midwestern University receive their coats together in a ceremony. Our families came down and it was such an awesome day. I am so grateful for this opportunity that has been given to us. That day made me reflect on the long process it took to get us to that point. We have worked so hard and it really is paying off. We both talk about how blessed we've been to get to this point. We both applied to twenty schools, got interviews to a little over half, and this is the single school that we both got accepted to. All of the other schools were states away from each other, and would have forced one of us to put our dreams on hold. I don't know what we did but I am so thankful for the blessings that we have received, and so happy that I have Danny to share them with.
School went really well this quarter and we were so excited for the Thanksgiving break. We had two weeks off and decided that would be too long to spend in the cold of Utah. So, we decided to jet off to Cancun for a week and it was the best idea we ever had. So relaxing, fun and enjoyable. We stayed at an adults only all-inclusive resort and it was the perfect time to go! Seriously, book these kinds of trips the week before a holiday and it won't be too crowded, it was awesome. We aren't quite as exciting as excursions and no going into town. When Dan and I go on these kinds of trips, we have a hard time leaving the pool and beach. :)
Then, we went home for Thanksgiving. It was so great to see family and spend time together without school or work or any other distractions. Both of our families are so blessed and enrich our lives so much. We got home from Thanksgiving, did a few weeks of school and turned around to make that 10.5 hour drive back to utah again for Christmas. We were home for about 10 days, and I swear for the first half we were just nomads. Driving from house to house, party to party...let me just say, we spend more in gas driving around up there than we do making the drive to get there. We were able to stop in las vegas and see my Dad and Debbie and it was such a fun night! I love that they live closer so we can see them more. Christmas was a fun filled day! We saw lots of movies, played lots of games, ate way too much, and had the best time!
Well, the time has come for me to quit procrastinating. Oh wait! I've decided that when I remember I'm going to post a little pearl of wisdom that either Danny or I have learned in school that I think will be helpful for us to remember and for others to know... Pearl #1- courtesy of Danny in Dental School... One of the most common ways that children get cavities is from adults sharing things between their mouth and their child's. Things like sharing straws, utensils, and cleaning off binkies in your mouth, introduces a bacteria into your little one's mouth that they don't have yet and it can cause cavities. Until next time, Happy New Year!!

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