Sunday, September 8, 2013

School starts again!

School as started for Danny and I yet again but, I'm very excited to announce it is our last first day of school! This might lead you to believe we are graduating this But it is our last year of sitting in class, studying, and taking exams. Next year is my last year, I do 6 rotations to different pharmacies, and then I get to graduate in May of 2015! Danny is finishing his last year in class also, the two years following will be clinic work. All of this hard work is finally going to pay off! Dan and I had a great summer. We traveled lots, cooked, played lots of games, and enjoyed a relaxing summer together with our puppies. I had two rotations, one at a veterinary compounding pharmacy and another at a hospital close by. They went really well, I was lucky to work with some great pharmacists and learn a lot! Now that school has started again, we are back in full swing. Dan is back to putting in 16 hour days and I'm back to the books. We've been cooking a lot the past few weeks. Danny is an amazing cook, and is constantly looking for new recipes to try. He's awesome. Right now we're unwinding from a very successful cooking day...Dan made jamaican jerk pork with grilled mango and a caribbean glaze...seriously tasty. Then it was bananas foster for dessert! Now we're just laying down, watching Harry Potter and snuggling with the pups. Life is so great. Hopefully this quarter will fly by so we can get on to the holidays! It is finally starting to cool of here...well it is still one hundred degrees outside, but at least it isn't one hundred and twenty :) Arizona is amazing in the winter and I'm so excited for it this year! Hope all of our friends and family are well!! Here are a few pics from this summer!

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