Monday, September 27, 2010

Back to SCHOOL!

Well, Fall is here and that means Danny and I are back to school and goin crazy! This is actually the start of my SENIOR year I can't believe I've been going here almost 4 years, time has just flown by. I used to not consider myself a U fan but over the past year or so I really have grown to love the University of Utah...sure that my have something to do with meeting my awesome husband here :). Seriously though what more could anyone AWESOME football team, beautiful campus and of course all of those fun liberals that keep class so interesting haha. (seriously some people are nutty up here but it's awesome). We've both got a full load this semester, I'm just finishing up a couple of classes so I can take my PCAT (Pharmacy College Admissions Test) in the spring (wish me luck with that one!) and Danny is doing the same just getting ready for the DAT (Dental Admissions Test). So we're trying to get ready for that and keep up with our's been a lot of work but hopefully it all goes well!

Wrapping up summer...

Danny and I were absolutely spoiled in August, Danny's brother and his family came home for a week and then my sister came home for 5 days and it was such a treat! We only get to see these guys every like 4-6 months or so, so it was so much fun and we made the most of it!

When Randy, Amber and cute little Jaynie came we did the usual things...going out to eat, seeing movies etc. But then we decided to do something different and go up to our condo in Park City and we all went boating and it was a blast! I even learned how to knee board! (yes I understand that most people learn this at like 4 years old but for me this was a big deal because I am not good at anything that has to do with boating so I was excited!)

The Fair!

So last year Bob, Danny's dad, found out that I had never been to the fair and we went and I loved it so...from then on we've decided to go every year and so we went this year with Danny's parents and had so much fun! I rode the bull and it was awesome I stayed on for like 15 seconds, I was pretty proud. Bob was convinced we could win this game where youhave to hit a ball off a board and into a bucket...even though we tried to remind him that we attempted this last year with no success. However he chose not to believe us...20$ and 10 minutes later we still didn't win but the game worker decided we had tried enough times and just gave us the giant stuffed panda! Sure it was a sympathy win but who cares we'll take it!

This past weekend my friends and I went to St. George to Lauren's condo and had an absolute blast!! We are all so busy that it's so hard for us to get together and it was just what we needed. A few of us drove down early and went to Las Vegas and did a little shopping and went to dinner. We watched the fountain show at the Bellalgio and it was incredible! It always amazes me how pretty it is.

Then we met up with the other girls in St. George and stayed up talking until 3:30 AM!! It was so great. Danny had a similar night that night and played cards with his friends until 4:30!! It was such a blast, the next day we went out to breakfast and just relaxed by the pool, did some shopping and of course lots more chatting and telling stories. Sunday we drove home, even though it was a short trip it was so needed and so much fun. My friends are hilarious and we had a blast!!

Well it's back to real life for now, thanks for the great trip girls! (I still can't believe I didn't get a picture of all of us down there, I'm seriously slacking in the picture department.)

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