Thursday, August 5, 2010

We're home from Chicago!

Chicago was really fun but we are home!! Danny worked the whole time so we didn't get to sight see much until the last few days we were there...

On one of the days we went to Lake Michigan with all of the couples and it was so beautiful! The beach was amazing it was like being at the ocean, the lake was huge! And danny and I built an awesome sand castle.

Danny and whit thought it'd be funny to bury me in a pregnant mermaid. I don't look the mermaid part but I definitely look preggers!! It was so sandy I don't know hy I ever agreed to this.

Navy Pier!! This place was really cute and fun to walk around, the beach and city are right there it was so pretty. Lots of cute little stores and yummy ice cream shops.

And the BEST part of the trip was when we went to Joliet Prison...i'm not kidding it was awesome. It's the same prison they break out of in Prison Break it was awesome to see!

So now we are home and are loving it, it's been so much fun! Danny had a poker night with his buddies...i did pretty good, not awesome but not terrible.

I've been baking these awesome little mini cheesecakes that I'm now obsessed with! They are so tasty and so easy to make!

And just hanging out with nice to be home!

Alright I think this is all the updating for today, hopefully now that we have a camera cord I'll be better at this!

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