Saturday, April 16, 2011


Danny and I are applying to schools this year and University of Florida is number one on our list of places we want to go.

Here are the reasons why

1-Danny's brother Randy and his family lives there
2-Disney World is there
3-the beach
4-the weather
5-Harry Potter land is there

So we went down over spring break to tour the school and meet some of the administration and try to convince them they should accept us :) It went really well, Danny worked in the Dental and Oral Surgery clinic for a few days which was really cool for him. I met and toured the hospital/school with one of the administrators and got some great one on one time with her. It was a very successful trip! And after the work was done we played...hard!

One day we went down this river that is a natural lazy river that you take tubes down and it takes like an hour and a half to get down. All of us went to go but Randy got called back to the hospital so while Amber took him back Danny and I took our niece Jaynie down the river. It was so much fun. She is 2 1/2 and the cutest dang thing you have ever seen. We had to go on this hike to get to the river. (Those of you who know me know that when I say hike I mean a 10 minute walk on a flat dirt trail) And Dan and I carried the tube and had Jaynie hold onto a rope so she could keep up and not run off. Every once and I while Danny had to stop and stretch because his back was hurting him. (also if you didn't know Danny had major back surgery a little over a year ago...he wasn't just being dramatic about the "hike") And sure enough after the first time that happened Jaynie looked at

Danny and said, "Uncle Danny I can't hold this rope anymore."
Danny-"How come Jaynie Bug?"
Jaynie- "It's hurting my back I need to rest for a minute."

So anyways we get on the river and it was so nice a relaxing. Until. I had the oars and was just making sure we didn't hit a tree on the edge of the river and managed to back us up onto a stick and popping a hole in our tube! We still had 45 minutes until we reached the end! It was a pretty small hole so Danny stuck his thumb in it and Jaynie and I rowed (spelling?) down the rest of the river! It was so funny and she was so excited that she was rowing all by herself. Too funny.

Then we went to Universal Studios one day to go to Harry Potter land which was the coolest thing ever. The butterbeer was to die for, the treats were delicious and the shopping was so fun!

Then we had an amazing day relaxing at clearwater beach. In love.

After being in Florida it makes us want to be able to go to school there so badly. So everyone cross your fingers for us!!!


  1. Grant and I are going to Florida in just one week and I can't wait!! I want to spend the majority of our time at Harry Potter world haha

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! I hope you get accepted to Flordia so we can come visit. Maybe you can change our minds about Disney!