Monday, April 18, 2011

Worst Morning Ever

So I had an Organic Chemistry test this morning. I have been preparing for this test for a while and have felt really prepared for it. Another thing I had scheduled for today was a meeting with the Associate Dean of Science, Greg Owens a.k.a. the most intimidating person to speak to, discussing him writing a letter of recommendation for me for pharmacy school. The test was at 8:35 and my appointment at around 9:30.

So here is the main point of my story. Last night I had this awesome Harry Potter dream. I have these pretty frequently and they are my absolute favorite. I woke up a couple of times but hadn't heard the alarm yet so went back to platform 9 3/4. Finally I woke up and it was 9:12!!!!! Not joking. I immediately through my phone across the room, because it misbehaved and did not sound the alarm to wake me up. Oh and apparently I smacked Danny in the stomach screaming, "it's 9:12!" I don't remember this...I think I suffer from rage blackouts. Anyways I send two frantic emails explaining what happened and rush to school to see if I can find the professor and convince her to let me take the test.

After some searching I find her after seeing me in my current state of hysteria she says, "Oh sweetheart what's wrong?" (I love the women Chemistry teachers who are just so sweet) Sobbing through the words, "I slept in" she stops me and says, "That's just fine, you can take it...just not like this. Go get a drink, take a half hour, calm down and then come back and take the big deal." Biggest sigh of relief. I did just that. Got a drink, came back and took the test. Which I am happy to report I got a 94% on :)

So for those of you who saw my facebook status today that said, "Prof Holly Sebahar is a saint" you now know why.

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