Thursday, June 30, 2011


A few months back Danny and a bunch of our friends decided to buy these groupon discount passes for the funbus to Wendover. We love going to Wendover...we may have a slight gambling problem. So we buy these passes and it ended up being like 10$ for each of us to go and we got a free buffet and they give you money to gamble with. The times comes and they are almost expired so we decide it is time to go! When the weekend came only four of us could go. Dan and I and our friends Dallas and Janee. None of us had ridden the fun bus before and so we decided we would go on the 7:30 bus. We thought you could decide what bus you returned on. NO! You have to come back on the bus you came on, and we got on the latest bus and they announced after a half hour of driving that they would be picking us up at 3:45 AM!! We were all stunned. So I searched on my phone and there is a sad little theater in Wendover that plays three movies each night and they had a midnight showing of the new Pirates movie. We had already seen it but it was better than losing more money in the casino. So we get to the buffet and it is 9:30 but by the time we sit down it's 10:00 and the buffet ends at 10:30 sharp! You would have thought we had never eaten before. They had the seafood buffet and the four of us took shifts collecting crab, tuna steaks and filets. It was hectic but so awesome! So we play a few games and start heading over to the movie theater because the movie started at 12:30...we get there after a 20 minutes walk and it is closed! My iPhone lied! It was telling me the times for the next day!! So we went all the way back and kept playing in the casino. I am happy to say we ended up for the night! It was such a blast and Dal and Janee are always so much fun to hang out with. We finally made it home at about 6:30 AM and crashed for a few hours and then went to work. But it was well worth it, good food, great friends and gambling :)

Sadly I only took one picture. I'll do better next time!

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