Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Limbo Land.

So it's official...Danny and I have sent off our applications to dental and pharmacy school. We are applying to about 23 schools each! Yes that is more than most people but most people only have one person applying. With the two of us applying and needing to get into the same school it's going to be pretty tough. So now we just wait....and study for our tests coming up in three weeks!! So soon I can't even believe it. So our days consists of being at the library studing for those. I feel like we are in limbo land. We are planners, and we have no clue where we are going to be a year from now. We could be in Florida, Buffalo (no I'm not joking, we actually applied to a school in Buffalo, NY) or not get in at all and still be living in Utah. We won't here back from schools for quite a while...some pharmacy schools don't even start interviewing until February! So we are just going to be in limbo for the next year if feels like. Hopefully we'll find out sooner but who knows.


Things have also been really great lately. In May Amber and the babes came home for a visit. And we finally got to meet baby Beckam and he is adorable! It was so fun to be able to just snuggle him for hours. He's just so sweet and we get pictures now and he's growing so fast! I can't even believe it. It was so fun to get to see them and of course Jaynie is cuter than ever and so fun. When they first got off the plane the three oldest kids linked up and were walking around like they are the best of friends. So cute.

Lately Dan and I have been cooking lots from the Unofficial Harry Potter cookbook and the recipes have been really yummy! The best was this cherry almond cake with butter frosting. I hate to brag but I've got to be was awesome. My mom even said it was the best cake she's ever had...and she isn't a big cake person so that's saying alot.

Then we made homemade butterbeer. So my uncle told me just to mix carmel sauce with cream soda and then for the froth to mix carmel with heavy whipping cream and pour it on top. Well I decided to search the internet for a recipe I thought sounded more authentic. So I take all this time to make this yummy sauce to mix with the cream soda. It had rum flavoring, sugar, vanilla, vinegar and a few other things. Well after an hour of making this sauce I realize that I have discovered a very expensive long way of making carmel sauce. Haha I should have just done what my uncle said. It was pretty good but it was soooo sweet. Making it a little to sweet to drink. So not exactly like the butterbeer in Universal Studios but pretty close.

So like many, I have discovered a new love of pinterest. It is awesome. And I saw this yummy picture of a dessert....

It looked awesome and I how could that not taste good? Chocolate chip cookie dough for the bottom layer, oreo cookies, and brownie mix to top it off...Well it takes an hour to cook and it ends up coming out pretty hard...and the flavors don't really go together. None of us were that impressed. I get really sick of trying recipes that LOOK really amazing and then you make them and they're just...meh.

Anyways, I've got to get back to studying. Hopefully I'll have more yummy desserts to share on the next post!

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