Thursday, August 5, 2010


Finally I got a camera cord so I'm going to do some updating!

So after we got married we stayed in Salt Lake at the Grand America for a couple nights and then left on Sunday for a trip to Playa del Carmen, The Eldorado Royale. It's just right outside of Cancun and was so beautiful. We were in paradise! It was all inclusive food and drinks and I swear every day Dan and I each had 10 drinks! Bring on the pina colada's, daiquiris, fojito's and safe sex on the beach haha of course all non alcoholic but still so yummy and tasty! And every night we had at least 2 full course meals at 2 different restaurants and were stuffed all the time!! There were 9 different restaurants that were all so good! It was an all adult resort so safe to say I was definitely the youngest one there at 20 haha. It was so much fun and so relaxing...I want to go back so bad.

This is us waiting at the airport, I was so excited to get update on all of my fashion and gossip news on the plane.

All of the pools had these swim up bars that gave you all the yummy drinks you wanted! This was our first day and we ended up (well I ended up) getting so burned it was so sad!

So every night there were shows that you could go to and this night was a game show called...bonk or something. Just a simple question and answer game and I got called up! It was so funny they asked questions all of the Brady Bunch kids etc. but the question that made me the winner of the whole game was...What Color is Viagra? BLUE!! I felt so bad for Danny because they must of thought, "wow that kid is only 23 and his wife knows what color viagra is???" I didn't mention that I see it on a day to day basis at walgreens haha.

They always had random activities going on...which of course we participated it. Like archery. Haha Danny and I loved this it was so much fun, and I didn't do to bad either. It was awesome I felt like Xena:Warrior Princess.

On this night they were having a dance contest and Dan and I got called up with three other couples. But there was a twist the GUY had to give the girl a lap dance!! Danny and I were like shoot we're dead in the water. I love my Danny but dancing isn't really his I thought....

So I decided to milk it and tell danny to give me some ones...and it was so funny he started WORKING IT!!

So then we did a final dance to convince them we should win...

And we WON!!! A bottle of tequila haha which we gave to the couple who took these pictures for was so much fun!

And here are some more pics....

It was such an amazing trip I loved it!!! Thanks Danny love you!!

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