Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mackenzie Childs I love you.

I should really be mad at my mom for ever showing Mackenzie Childs because it's become an obsession of mine and my college butt can't buy any of it! Thank goodness for wonderful husbands, mothers and mother in-laws who will surprise me for Christmas and Birthday presents...but those aren't coming again for 8 more months! Just have to wait and build up my christmas list. So here are the new items I am currently pining over.

The frame. The paper towel holder. The tile. The knob. The canister (with two other sizes that I love). The fun rug.

You should go to the website ( they have the funnest things! The courtly check is so classic and pretty and then they have so many fun floral designs I love it.

I must also mention that today (hopefully) we will be getting a new nephew!!! We are so dang excited! Little Beckham Cruze Sanovich will be here hopefully before the end of the day. Danny and I are so excited to get another nephew. We are just sad because Randy and Amber live in Florida so we are going to have to be patient to get to meet him. Hopefully they'll come home in a couple months. I'll post pics of the little guy when we see him!

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